• We are committed to providing credible, efficient and professional services to all our clients.
  • We are committed to ensure impartiality in delivering our services. As such, we ensure that commercial, financial or other pressures do not influence the delivery of our services and decision making.
  • We shall comply to all the applicable standards and guides provided by standards Malaysia.



  • We are committed to our management system certification activities. An assessment and analysis of all actual and potential threats for personnel, bodies or organisation are made at least annually.
  • We shall agree to and sign the undertaking of confidentiality and conflict of interest agreements.
  • We shall not outsource audits to any organisation providing management system consultancy and shall not offer or provide internal audits to its certified clients.
  • We shall not certify other certification bodies for its quality management system.



  •  A client whose management system has been certified by RCSB is entitled to use the certification mark of RCSB. For Group Certification, only sites which are included in the certificate may use the applicable certification mark. The right to use the certification mark does not extend to the parent company or to subsidiary (ies) of the certified client unless these entities are also included in the certification.
  • RCSB’s certification mark shall be used with/or combination with the accreditation mark which appears on the certificate issued to the client.
  • The combined marks (if applicable), as depicted below, may be uniformly enlarged or reduced, but all the accompanying text shall always remain legible. The combined marks may be used in literature, stationery, and advertising. The marks shall not be used on products or packaging (both primary and secondary), and laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates, as such reports or certificates are deemed to be products in this context. The marks shall also not be used on flags, vehicles and the exterior walls of buildings.
  • The certification marks may be reproduced in black and white, or in the case of preprinted material e.g. letterhead, stationery, newspaper and magazine articles, in the predominant colour of these items. The client, however, may reproduce the Standards Malaysia mark in colour but this shall strictly comply with the colour scheme specified by Standards Malaysia