CHRA is an assessment that needs to be conducted by the employer arising from the use, handling, storage or transportation of chemicals hazardous to health in their workplace as required by the Occupational Safety and Health (Use and Standard of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health) Regulation 2000.

 This monitoring is required when proposed by DOSH assessor under the Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) and stipulated under USECHH regulations, 2000. It is required that the monitoring is conducted by a registered DOSH hygiene technician.  

Our field technician conducting stack emission testing at the industrial facility by operating the stack sampling console. The test is conducted to demonstrate compliance with air emission license limits which is issued by the Department of Environment (DOE) that will specify the parameters and its frequency for the test.

Noise Exposure Employee Monitoring

The purpose of noise exposure employee monitoring is to evaluate employees’ exposure to noise.

 Boundary Noise Monitoring

The scopes of work for Boundary Noise Monitoring are to determine the source which contributes to the noise during each of monitoring, comparing the noise boundary level before and after mitigating measures has been taken and to prepare the complete Post Environmental Monitoring Report and Boundary Noise study report for the submission to our customers and the Department of Environment.


The aim of the audiometric test is to determine workers hearing level by using an audiometer. Such testing is paramount in a hearing loss prevention program at the workplace. Our technician is well trained to perform such testing. Besides, we also offered a mobile unit to enable us to serve you at your location.

The aim of installing a Local Exhaust Ventilation system is to remove the contaminated air away from workers breathing zone. Every local exhaust ventilation system should be inspected, tested and examined at regular interval to ensure the system works properly and efficiently


 At Rehpro laboratory, we provide analytical testing services for water, wastewater and effluent samples for regulatory compliance and other equipment. All tests are performed in accordance with APHA, MS, DOE, EPA approved test methods and standard. The laboratory is accredited under MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005. 


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